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Physical Education

PE Rubrics, Standards, and Expectations

Students and Parents,


Below is the link to our Run Rubrics for the year for your reference. In an attempt to raise the rigor, we have created rubrics that encourage our students to continue to improve in their cardiovascular endurance. 


All students are capable of receiving an "A" in PE. Our goal is to provide them with a well-rounded Physical Education that aligns with our Physical Education standards, therefore, their runs are only 25% of their total grade.


Application 40% - Standard 1 & 2

Runs 25% - Standard 3

Assignments 15% - Standard 4

Citizenship 20% - Standard 5


Hope this helps!


Herman and AdVenture Physical Education Dept.

Run Rubrics
Run Rubrics

Physical Education Staff Members

AAron Sommer- Physical Education

David Bamba - Physical Education

Eva Mendoza - Physical Education

John Marcoida - Physical Education

Andie Arneson - Physical Education

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