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Language Arts

7th Grade Texts

A long walk to water
The Outsiders
Frederick Douglass

8th Grade Texts

To Kill a Mockingbird
Omnivore's Dilemma
Inside Out & Back Again

Language Arts Staff Members

Melissa Le-Lewis - 7th Grade Language Arts

Brian Minklein - 8th Grade Language Arts

Andrea Neff - 7th Grade Language Arts

Sierra Silva - 8th Grade Language Arts

Tricia Toft- ELD and Read 180

Contact Melissa Lê-Lewis  Melissa Lê-Lewis (408) 226-1886 ex: 304245 Teacher
Contact Brian Minklein  Brian Minklein Sys Admin
Contact Andrea Neff  Andrea Neff Teacher
Contact Sierra Silva  Sierra Silva Teacher
Contact Tricia Toft  Tricia Toft Teacher

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